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Using Every Last Bit of Your Beeswax Candle

I was talking to someone who sells our candles last week and she shared how much she doesn’t like to waste anything. We discovered that we have that in common.

After I got off the phone I thought about how I make sure every possible bit of beeswax gets used when I burn a beeswax candle. If there is any wax left in the cup after a tealight burns out (in spite of my best efforts to burn it all up) I scoop it up and pop it in the next tealight I burn. No wasted wax. In most cases I reuse the tealight cup over and and over using a tealight refill and feed in the leftover wax from the previous candle as it burns.

Any wax that might be left over from any of your beeswax candles can be fed back into the wax pool of a pillar. I like to make sure it is the same color as I don’t like mixing colors – I put red leftover wax into another red candle for instance. It is a great way of making sure that it is all used up. Beeswax feels precious and I don’t want to waste it.

My newest way of burning up all the beeswax I discovered just two weeks ago. I had a 1 inch stub from a Honey Candles® 6 inch Tube left in my holder. I pulled it out and placed it in a dish of beach sand. Once lit I let it burn until it went out. There was not much left, just a ring of wax and a bit of wick. You can scoop that out and throw it away. Then the sand is ready for the next stub to burn. Be creative. You can get aquarium sand that is colored and can be attractive too. I like my Kootenay Lake beach sand and this is how I plan on burning all my beeswax candle stubs this winter!

What ideas do you have to make sure all the beeswax gets used from your beeswax candles?
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