pure beeswax emergency candle with matches and cooking straps perfect for any camping trip or nature walk

Using Pure Beeswax Emergency Candles

Beeswax_Candles_Emergency_Tin_Contents_Step_1Beeswax_Candles_Emergency_Tin_Contents_Step_2Beeswax_Candles_Emergency_Tin_Contents_Step_3Beeswax_Candles_Emergency_Tin_Contents_Step_4Beeswax_Candles_Emergency_Tin_Contents_Step_5Beeswax_Candles_Emergency_Tin_Contents_Step_6Honey Candles® Emergency tins are a great addition to any survival or emergency kit. These pure beeswax candles burn for 24 hours and can provide much needed light and warmth in an emergency. Each Emergency Candle comes with a matchbook, cook straps and instructions for use. There are several benefits to choosing an Emergency Candle that is pure beeswax. Pure beeswax burns hotter and longer than other waxes and is completely non-toxic. We put these natural Honey Candles to the test heating up a can of soup and have created detailed instructions for using them.
Begin by removing the extra contents of the tin. Next, place the cook straps on the can, bending them slightly outward. Using the provided matchbook, light the pure beeswax candle and allow it to burn for 5 minutes. Once this is done it’s time to start cooking. You will need a tin of your desired food or vessel for water, a spoon, and a can opener. Gently place the tin on the cook straps and ensure that it is steady. If it is unsteady, ensure both straps are pushed as far down as they will allow and bent outwards.
Naturally, the food at the bottom of the tin will heat the fastest as it is closest to the flame. When stirring your tin try to bring the warmed food near the bottom, up to the top, to ensure even heating. In our test the soup was warm within 15 minutes and in another 20 minutes it was hot. It is important to note that several factors can affect the heating time including, the starting temperature and volume of the tin, the temperature of the place it is being heated, and the frequency of stirring. Even if cold elements don’t allow your tin to reach the ‘hot’ stage, the warmed food and the light and warmth given off by this natural Honey Candle® are sure to make an emergency a little bit brighter.
It is important to mention here that the Government of Canada on their emergency preparedness website recommends that an emergency candle in a tin with some matches always be a part of your vehicle emergency kit. We think our beeswax emergency candle fits the recommendation perfectly. We hope you are never faced with an emergency, but if you are we recommend having a survival or emergency kit that includes a Honey Candles® Emergency Candle. Stay safe and always be prepared!
Photos by Nicola Hum
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