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Warm Your Autumn Evenings with Beeswax Candles

decorative beeswax candleIn British Columbia we’ve had one of the warmest most awesome summers for a long time. Lots of swimming, camping cycling, hiking, kayaking – you name a warm weather activity and it’s likely been going on this summer somewhere in BC. Hard to believe it’s September and that’s all winding down.

Do you usually come down from summer with a thud? I think I do unless the warm weather stretches into the fall. One thing that’s noticeable is the cooler evenings and the darkness that comes so much earlier. Chase away the night time shadows and warm up any room with naturally honey scented 100% pure beeswax candles. Honey Candles has the most amazing colors for autumn in interesting and unique styles. Last fall we introduced our much loved beeswax Fluted Spheres in Red, Tangerine and Brown. They burn so beautifully. Just give them some love and care and they will charm the socks off you! They are also available in Forest Green, Burgundy, Pearl and Natural colors.

Here is the suggested ‘care’ that a Fluted Sphere needs. First, keep the wick well-trimmed. About a ¼ inch, just like a pillar is perfect. Depending on how long you burn the Fluted Sphere you may have to trim the wick more than once. If a ‘mushroom’ forms on top of the wick, trim it. Make sure the wick is nice and straight at all times so that it doesn’t burn to one side too much. This will ensure that the ribs that form as the flame burns down don’t burn through. The worst case scenario is that the side will completely burn through letting the wax spill.

When you’re finished burning your Fluted Sphere for the evening, dunk the wick, just like a pillar or votive. It is the best way to extinguish one of these types of candles because the wick will not smolder as it will when you blow it out. An added benefit is the wick is now full of beeswax after the dunking and ready to re-light easily. Here are some of my favorite tools for burning beeswax candles – a great pair of bent scissors with round tips for trimming the wick and a hooked wick 'dunker' that also is good for straightening the wick.

Don’t be afraid to try our lovely Fluted Spheres this fall but if you really like traditional styles we have all those too – in beautiful fall colors if you prefer. All Honey Candles are made of 100% pure Canadian beeswax and hand-poured in Canada. Come see for yourself at our on-line store.

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