Coloured natural beeswax taper candles

We use Enviro-dyes in our Colored Beeswax Candles

Updated June 23, 2017

What is ‘enviro-dye’? It is what we use to color our colored beeswax Honey Candles® candles. We have colored Taper pairs, PillarsVotives and some Tealights that require enviro-dye if they aren’t left Natural colored.

beeswax candles with enviro-dyes

Here are some facts on our Enviro-dye:

  • It provides excellent color consistency, strength and stability for crisp, clear, bright candles.
  • Our colored candles are colored with an environmentally friendly dye that is non-carcinogenic. None of the components in these dyes, or in our candles are required to be listed on the California Proposition 65 (CAL PROP 65) list of cancer causing agents.
  • We are REACH Compliant.
  • The dyes are not tested on animals.
  • From the dye manufacturer’s MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet):“Components of the product are deemed proprietary; however all pertinent health and safety information has been provided in this document per the US Code of Federal Regulations and equivalent state standards.”
  • The dye manufacturer also makes the following statement:“(These) products, whose contents remain proprietary, are eco-friendly. We do not use solvents, but a product which is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Approved for food contact, and for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.”
  • These dyes do not contain hazardous or toxic solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalene.
  • No hazardous fumes or air pollutants.
  • Clean Air Act (US): The product does not contain any hazardous air pollutants, Class 1 or Class 2 ozone depletors.
  • Clean Water Act (US) None of the chemicals in this product are listed in Hazardous Substances, Priority Pollutants, or Toxic Pollutants under the CWA.

It is important to note that we use only the minutest amount of dye to color our candles (less than 0.0125%). Our White beeswax is neither bleached nor colored. We achieve our beautiful warm white beeswax by filtering it ourselves right here in the shop.  It is made white through a special filtering process using no chemicals.

I get the occasional question about what we use to color our candles. I think by pulling this information together for you I understand it a bit better myself. Was it helpful to you?  

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