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What do We Mean by Pure Beeswax?

beeswax blocksThere is a question I am often asked, "Is your beeswax 100% pure beeswax?" 

We get our beeswax from several different locations in Western Canada. We feel good about our suppliers and they tell us they are sending us pure beeswax. We accept that. So yes, our beeswax is pure beeswax.

The other question I am asked is, “If you add color (as in the case of the colored beeswax candles) or you add pure essential oils (as we do with our Honey Candles® Essentials) how can it be pure beeswax?” 

It is because the candle wax is pure beeswax as opposed to beeswax blended with soy wax, or paraffin or palm wax as many companies do.  We do not blend our beeswax with any other candle wax. We make that choice because that’s the way we like it. We think beeswax is the best and cleanest burning candle wax. Why would we blend it with what we believe is an inferior burning candle wax. To make it cheaper? No, we want only the best for you. You will enjoy 100% pure beeswax, whether you are burning a Honey Candles® Blue Pillar, a Honey Candles® Essentials Votive or a Honey Candles® Natural Taper. The only candle wax at Honey Candles Ltd. is pure beeswax! All our beeswax candles are Canadian made.

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Published By Pat Cattermole

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