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What Do You Do When You Spill Beeswax On Your Carpet?

Well I did it last night. It wasn’t the first time – it may not be the last. I moved the beeswax candle across the room as it was burning and accidently tipped it a little and a stream of beeswax ended up in a ¼ inch wide by 10 inch glob on my carpet. Darn! Good thing it was a dark carpet because the wax was brown and a good thing I knew what to do. 

First I got out the steam iron and filled it with water and plugged it in. As it was heating up I got two sheets of paper towel and set to work. I placed the paper towel over the spill and ran the iron on the steam setting over the section where the wax was. It soaked through into the towel. I moved a clean section of towel over the wax and ran the iron over it again. When the first paper towel was well saturated with wax I switched to the second and repeated the process. Two towels were enough. When no more wax came through into the paper towel I checked the surface of the carpet. No wax to be seen. Once the carpet cooled I checked it with my hand to see I could feel any. If I were to find any I would repeat the process until it was smooth and clean. 

This steam iron and paper towel wax clean up works great. Last time I had to clean up blue beeswax candle wax and it all came up with no noticeable staining. I'm not sure if colored beeswax would stain a light colored carpet but so far I’ve not had to find out. 

Do you have any other methods of cleaning up spilled beeswax? We’d love to have you share with us and our readers.

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