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What is Beeswax?

beeswaxBeeswax is so very important to all of us at Honey Candles. Without beeswax there would be no beeswax candles and that would mean there would be no reason for us to come every day to this very beautiful spot where the Honey Candles shop sits!

Beeswax smells wonderful as it is naturally honey scented.  What is beeswax?  I asked that very question during an on-line search. Here’s what I found.

Beeswax is the major ingredient of honeycomb.  It is interesting that this article suggested that the components of beeswax varied somewhat depending on the location of where the beeswax came. This was the first I’d heard that. I guess this should come as no surprise because the color of the beeswax depends on the flowers and location of where the beeswax originated as well. Beeswax contains at least 284 compounds. I had no idea that beeswax was so very complicated.  I highly recommend that you check out this article to find out more about the make-up of beeswax and how it is extracted, cleaned and filtered. The website is loaded with lots of other good information on honey bees.

What is beeswax also relates to an article I wrote in May 2012 How is beeswax made? I recently updated that article deleting any links that don’t work anymore. This reveals some more of the mysteries of beeswax as well as directing to you to fun facts about honey bees.

Beeswax and honey bees are so important to Honey Candles we have a program that donates to saving the honey bees in both Canada and the United States. We would love to make you part of the program. You can help the honey bees and enjoy a beautiful beeswax pillar with a honey bee on it at the same time. To find out more about our on-going program follow this link. It is our feature article from Earth Day urging you to support honey bee research. Since I think every day should be ‘Earth Day’ it is as important today as it was April 22nd!

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