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What is your candle wick made of?

We are often asked this question by concerned individuals.    When one thinks of natural candles, the type of wax is the first thing that comes to mind, but the wick is also a critical consideration when you are looking for a safe and natural candle. 

Honey Candles has never ever used metal cored wick in our beeswax candles.  To us it is wholly inconsistent with the creation of a pure natural product for your home, but unfortunately, they are still out there, so you need to be aware!

Why do some candles have lead wicks?

Lead and zinc wicks typically have a cotton braided outer piece that surrounds the metal core. Lead wicks have been banned by many countries as they produce lead vapours and dust when burning, but unfortunately, they are still found in the marketplace today.  Zinc cored wicks are still readily available for purchase and are found in candles of all shapes and sizes.  Why?  Metal cored wicks are typically used because the relatively cool flame they produce can increase burn time of low melting point waxes (soy, coconut,  paraffin and gels) and the rigid core makes container candles much easier to make and helps keep with wick upright while burning. While these factors may make zinc cored wicks seem appealing to manufacturers, there are concerns in the community over trace amounts of lead in zinc wire.  To check for a metal core in your candle, look for a metal wire in the centre of the wick, and peal off the cotton braiding from the wick to reveal a solid metallic wire core, if there is one.  If you rub that wire on paper and it leaves a grey mark, then it is probably lead.

Honey Candles only uses natural fibre wicks!

Honey Candles only uses premium quality ISO 9001 certified wick constructed from all natural fibres.  Primarily we choose 100% cotton braided wicks, with some of our cotton wick containing a paper fibre, which gives the wick stability in certain applications.   We believe in pure natural products and in bringing only safe and clean products into your home, and ours.   So light your Honey Candle with confidence, and comfort and Experience. Pure.Elegance.



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