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What May Surprise You Most About Burning Beeswax Candles

I talk to people a lot about burning beeswax candles. There are a few things that often surprise people who have recently started burning beeswax candles or are thinking of burning beeswax candles. I have a list of what is talked about most often:

How long they burn

Beeswax candles are naturally long burning without the addition of hardeners. This is unlike paraffin or ‘natural’ candle waxes other than beeswax. If they claim to be long burning there may be additives in the wax or the wick may be so small that the resulting flame is weak.

Beeswax candles need maintenance

You cannot just light your beeswax candle and walk away. It is not like flipping a light switch. Beeswax pillar wicks need to be trimmed from time to time to keep them from flickering and smoking. All burning candles need some maintenance and they should NEVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED.

Beeswax candles smell great

People often comment on the natural sweet smell of honey that fills a room that has a burning beeswax candle in it!

Not every beeswax candle is perfect for you

This really surprises people. They often think every candle is the same. This is a case of not every size and shape fits all! The perfect candle for you depends on how you like to burn candles. If you like to burn candles for a long time, say three hours or more a beeswax pillar or votive will work great for you. A tealight is best burned start to finish so be thinking four to five hours. If you are looking to only burn a candle a short time, maybe ten minutes to several hours, choose a candlestick.

 Not all natural beeswax is the same color

I often get asked why the beeswax candles I got this time isn’t the same as what I had last time. Or my tealights are lighter than the pillars I got. Beeswax is a natural product. Nature never intended all beeswax to be the same color. If the bees were on clover the beeswax will be lighter than if they were on buckwheat. Honey is the same. It is lighter or darker depending on the flowers the bees have been able to forage. Enjoy the diversity!

All beeswax candles are not the same

We don’t expect that all cars are going to perform like a BMW. Neither do all beeswax candles perform the same. Honey Candles is a manufacturer that sources only the best Canadian beeswax, the best wicks, the best candle moulds and trains skilled candle makers. We test and retest our candles and we continually improve our product.  We are not beekeepers. Making premium quality beeswax candles is what we do best. We leave the beekeeping to the best beekeepers!

Any surprises for you here? If you have any questions or comments we want to hear them!

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Published By Pat Cattermole


Hi Dave
Our candlesticks burn approximately one inch per hour.

Honey Candles

Hi Eva
Thanks for reaching out. The suitability of different types of candles is mostly dependent on the usage/diameter and burning time. For example, if a tealight is extinguished with less than half the wax remaining you may find that it doesn’t generate enough heat to fully consume the remaining wax. Candlesticks are best suited to short burning times. Check out this article:

Honey Candles

Hi I am a bit confused about the suitability of different types of bee wax candels. Why is it not recommended to light up tea light for only let’s say 2 hours and then light it up
Again later? Thank you

Eva Serrano

How minutes will a 100% pure beeswax candle 10" taper burn?
Thank you

Dave V.

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