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When Technology Isn't So Bad

beeswax candles and technologyLast week I lamented simpler times. Since then I’ve had several instances when I’ve been very grateful for modern communication devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers and the ease with which they allow us to interconnect. 

I enjoyed a visit on the week-end with my daughter and granddaughter and got to meet the new puppy via Facetime. I was told what a good dog he is and saw him play with his new favorite toy, a felt yellow bird. He is a floppy little Boxer and I am looking forward to meeting Boomer sometime this summer. Facetime and/or Skype is one of our favorite ways to ‘visit’ between the big visits when we all get together. We can bring their life into our living room for a few minutes. At the same time we can enjoy a burning beeswax candle and not lose out on seeing the current art. We hear about school and all the news about the preferred sport that is happening right now depending on the season.  Looking at this photo, you have to wonder what this little guy thinks of Facetime!

One of the other ‘simpler times’ items I mentioned was using a clothesline. I love my clothesline in the summer. There is nothing like the smell of fresh sunshine dried sheets. You can crawl into them at night fresh off the clothesline from that day and it is lovely. But in the winter if all I had was a clothesline outside and no clothes dryer inside it would be frustrating. Imagine how you would have to dry your sheets! 

After considering the options of not having on-line banking, or not having modern appliances, I’m glad that modern technology is a part of our lives. I can choose the ‘simpler way’ when it works. We need to remind ourselves that the modern conveniences we choose to use give us more time to do the simpler things that calm our minds and restore our souls.

Photo by Pat Cattermole
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