a pure beeswax candle producing a wonder glow while burning on a table in a darkened room

Where Do You Like To Burn Your Beeswax Candles?

Do you have a favorite place in your home that you like to burn your beeswax candles? Alecia is a co-owner of Honey Candles Ltd and she mentioned to me last week her favorite place to burn her beeswax candles is in her kitchen on her stove. After a great meal when the kitchen is all cleaned up and she is ready to relax she puts her beeswax candle on top of her stove, lights it and heads to the living room area or the dining room. All the rooms run together so the candle is always in sight, glowing away in the darkened kitchen. I have had people tell me that burning a beeswax candle cleans the air of the smell of cooked food. I like the idea of replacing the odor of fried onions with the sweet natural honey scent of a burning beeswax candle.

beeswax candlesI most often burn my candles right in the center of my living room. Years ago I inherited a big brass tray that sits on a Queen Anne table that was made the perfect size for it.  It means my candles are comfortably in the middle of everything. If they misbehave they are not neglected. They are watched and the wicks can be trimmed or the pillars hugged as they need it. I often keep my candle tools on the tray.  I have a hook for dunking the wick or fishing out any wick that may fall into the wax pool when I am trimming it. I have special curved scissors that trim the wick perfectly. I also have a pinch snuffer for candlesticks.How about you? Do you have a favorite place to burn your beeswax candles?

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