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Why Honey Candles is supporting bee research

Unless you are a beekeeper or work in an industry similar to making natural beeswax candles you may not think too often about the honey bee. However in the last few years honey bees have been in the news often. Honey bees are disappearing around the world and the loss is not sustainable. It has been given the name Colony Collapse Disorder.  We must find the answer as to why they are disappearing and do our best to turn that around. There have been theories as to their disappearance. They include lethal pesticides, parasites and disease and stress from their being transported long distances to pollinate monoculture crops. Bees are used to a varied diet and being turned on to only one crop to forage may be causing malnutrition. Some think it could be a combination of several of these possibilities. Whatever is killing the honey bees we must find the answer and reverse the situation. We will not be able to enjoy the variety of fruit and vegetables that we do now if anything happens to wipe out the honey bees. Agriculture and the food industry will feel it the most. It will also affect the honey and natural beeswax candle industry.

There is a quote that has often been attributed to Einstein, "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” 

Not everyone agrees that this quote actually came from Einstein but we most will agree that the disappearance of the honey bee is serious. Honey bee lovers in Canada celebrate The Day of the Honey Bee on May 29th. In the United States National Honey Bee Day is celebrated on August 18th. Out of concern for the honey bees and in honor of these celebrations for the last two years Honey Candles has supported honey bee research through donations to the Save our Bees campaign at the Canadian Honey Council in Canada and The Foundation for the Preservation of the Honey Bee in the United States. If you would like to support and help find the solution to the disappearance of honey bees you too can donate to these very worthwhile organizations by clicking the links to their sites. We must put an end to the die-out of the honey bee.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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