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Why are Natural Beeswax Candles so Expensive?

As the Honey Candles® Sales Manager I get asked that a lot. Why are natural beeswax candles so expensive? The short answer is they really aren’t.  It’s about perception.

I like to look at the ‘value’ of natural beeswax candles as much as the cost.

  1. Natural beeswax candles are naturally long burning.  It is the nature of beeswax. If other candles burn as long as beeswax they have a tiny insignificant flame (soy and palm) or they likely have harsh  additives (paraffin).
  2. Natural beeswax candles are just that – natural. By now most of us are used to paying a little more for the ‘good’ stuff.

But are natural beeswax Honey Candles® really so expensive? Our burn times on our candles vary a bit depending on whether you burn them intermittently or you burn them start to finish. Face it most of us don’t light a candle and burn it until it’s gone so the higher burn time that we list is more likely what you can expect from your natural beeswax Honey Candles®. Based on our burn times and the 2012 retail prices in our on-line store this is what it costs you to burn your natural beeswax basic Honey Candles®:

Candle             Burn Time            Retail Price        Cost Per Hour

Tealight              4-5 hours                  $1.69                  34¢ - 42¢

Tube                  5-6 hours                  $2.79                   47¢ - 56¢

Base                 8-10 hours                 $4.49                   45¢ - 56¢

Taper              12-13 hours                 $4.99                   38¢ - 42¢

Column           20-25 hours                 $8.99                    36¢ - 45¢

Votive             15-16 hours                 $4.19                    26¢ - 28¢

3" rd Pillar       35-45 hours               $19.99                    44¢ - 57¢ 

5" rd Pillar       55-65 hours               $27.49                    42¢ - 50¢

7" rd Pillar       85-95 hours               $35.99                    38¢ - 42¢

beeswax votives long burningThat’s not a lot to pay per hour for beautiful natural beeswax candlelight that purifies your air, is eco-friendly and creates sweet ambiance. What I find really interesting is what a deal Honey Candles® Votives are!  Something else to note is the taller the Pillar the less the cost per hour to burn. So even if 7 inch round Pillars seem like a bigger investment in the long run they cost you less per hour to burn!

Were there any surprises in this list for you? I had fun putting it together. Love to hear your comments!

Carolyn of Trenton ON told me yesterday, "I admire your product. They are expensive originally, but when you burn them, hour after hour, they are certainly worth the cost."

Published By Pat Cattermole

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