Wild Voices for Kids

Wild Voices for Kids

Apr 14, 2011 By Pat Cattermole

As Earth Day approaches one of our major customers Kootenay Co-op in Nelson BC is celebrating ‘Bee Month’ and asked us to partner with them in a project with the schools. Judith Robertson is travelling amongst the schools to educate and raise awareness about the decline of bees and the important role they play in the ecosystem and in human food production. The project fits nicely into our Save the Honey Bees campaign. We put together a small information package along with a beeswax Honey Candles® Tealight for the students to receive during their classroom workshop.

There is an art project component to the workshop. Students are asked to think of what they can do to save the bees, and in a toilet roll, representing a honey cell, each will contruct their ‘save the bees’ vision.  This project is a community effort. The toilet rolls will be collected from all participating groups and connected to form a honeycomb. The ‘Colony’ will be on display at the Kootenay Co-op during the month of April while they celebrate ‘Bee Month’. When you go by Kootenay Co-op to see the ‘Colony’ you can purchase your Peek-a-Bee beeswax pillar. Or if you aren’t a Kootenay Co-op customer you can order direct from the Honey Candles® on-line store. Remember $2.00 from every purchase will be donated to the Canadian Honey Council in Canada or the Foundation for the Preservation of the Honey Bees in the US to go towards research to find how we can save the honey bee from decline.

These are some of the first ‘honeycombs’ from Redfish Elementary School.

Published By Pat Cattermole
I had the good fortune to be hired at Honey Candles in the fall of 2004. Experience managing a small rural printing business and 15 years as an elected public school trustee has been a benefit as Honey Candles moves through the need for flexibility and the demands of rapidly changing natural products marketing. I am the Sales Manager and most likely to be the one answering the phone when you call. Social Media and blogging for Honey Candles has been a recent addition to my list of skills.

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