Bee Friendly in May

Bee Friendly in May

honey bees

Traditionally Honey Candles® celebrates honey bees and makes ‘bee awareness’ a focus for May. It makes sense that a beeswax candle company would always be mindful of the health of honey bees since they create the substantial ingredient of a 100% pure beeswax candle.

Honey bees have been in trouble for many years. Beekeepers across the world have opened their hives in the spring with trepidation, concerned that they might find a dead hive. There is no a question that this is a concern as honey bees contribute by pollination to a 1/3 of our food production. 

Experts around the world are continuing to do research looking for the answer of why so many bees are lost which could help lead to a solution. Some believe it is a combination of factors possibly parasites, pesticides, and environmental factors.  Honey Candles has supported honey bee research since 2011. We have donated $2.00 from the sale of every one of our Peek-a-Bee pillars sold. Last year we donated to the University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre.

You have an opportunity to be part of the solution and support our program by purchasing a Honey Candles® 100% pure beeswax Peek-a-Bee pillar either at your favorite store or at our on-line store.

I hope you enjoy the photo of two hungry, busy honey bees from Paddy and Claudette’s hives next door to my garden. They are buried in the pollen of my favorite pink and silver poppies. It looks like a glorious place to collect your groceries!

An amazing 'honey bee' fact to share:

“A worker honey bee is just over a centimetre long and weighs only about sixty milligrams; nevertheless, she can fly with a load heavier than herself.”  - ‘The Honey Bee’ written by James L Gould and Carol Grant Gould
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