Beeswax Birthday Candles With Distinction

Beeswax Birthday Candles With Distinction

beeswax small tapersWell-made beeswax birthday candles are classy at any birthday party. When you make them 6 inches long in beautiful colors they are more than a ‘birthday’ candle. Our 6 inch slim beeswax birthday candles we call ‘Gala’.  We hope they will be burned as cake candles at every gala event! They will burn so long – a whole 45 minutes. That gives you and your guests enough time to enjoy and experience beeswax candle benefits. The light from beeswax has been compared to that of natural sunlight. It is beautifully golden and is perfect for photographs and since Gala Candles burn so long you will have ample opportunity to get the perfect photos of your special celebration.

Honey Candles® Gala Candles come in three different packages each with 12 candles per pack.

  • Royal has four candles each of the colors red, blue, green and natural
  • Pastel has four candles each of the colors teal, crocus, white and pink
  • Natural is twelve natural beeswax candles

beeswax cake candlesBesides not emitting noxious fumes into the air our Gala Candles are not toxic if a bit of beeswax drips on the cake. The color is an enviro-dye. You can find out more about enviro-dye here.

Gala Candles, like all Honey Candles® beeswax candles are handmade in Canada of 100% pure beeswax sourced from Western Canada.  We sell all our beeswax candles wholesale. If you are a store or reseller you can sign up with our wholesale program.

If you think you would like beeswax candles or Honey Candles® Gala Candles particularly, you can buy your beeswax candles on line here.

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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