Beeswax Candles for all Occasions - a Playdate Party

Beeswax Candles for all Occasions - a Playdate Party

beeswax cake candlesSpecial candles on cakes don’t just have to be for birthdays. Have a playdate party for your little girl! Maybe she just aced her swimming lessons and moved to the next level. Celebrate with a magical fairy party! Invite all her swimming friends and have fun. Mix traditional 3 inch beeswax birthday candles with celebratory 6 inch gala candles. Honey Candles offers both natural and colored 3 inch beeswax cake candles and 6 inch beeswax gala candles. beeswax cake candlesFor your fairy party you might like to choose Pastel for the soft gentle colors, Spring Crocus, Paris Pink, Pearl, Mountain Jade and Glacier Teal. It’s all so pretty little fingers just can’t resist a taste.

Your little man might prefer a spiderman theme and for him we have Royal colors in both beeswax 6 inch Gala and 3 inch birthday candles with richer colors like Blue, Red, Mountain Jade, Tangerine and Natural. We want you to use your imagination and get the kids involved too. We know you can find 101 reasons to make a cake and celebrate. It’s always special when there are candles on the cake. When every child has a cupcake with a candle they can all make a wish!

Don’t worry if a little wax drips on the icing. Beeswax is non-toxic and the colors are made with minute amounts of enviro-dyeBeeswax Honey Candles® Birthday and Gala Candles are hand made in Canada of only the highest quality Canadian beeswax.

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