Beeswax Candles Make a Great Surprise Gift in the Mail!

Beeswax Candles Make a Great Surprise Gift in the Mail!

gifts made in canadaI’ve noticed a little trend lately that makes me very happy. People have bought our beeswax candles and loved them so much they have ordered some and asked us to send them to someone special as a gift. This isn’t just happening at Christmas although they are the perfect Christmas gift. No, we are finding this going on all year round. An order comes in and it is being sent to another person at another address.

To those people that are ‘gifting’ Honey Candles know that we send a card along saying who the candles came from. The lucky person you sent the candles to gets a shelf talker telling them about beeswax candles with a list of burn times for each candle. Candle burning instructions specific to the candle you sent is also part of the package.

Are you wondering how to ‘gift’ beeswax Honey Candles®? Just go to our on-line store and make your candle choice. At the checkout you have the option of choosing the state or province the package will be shipped to. When you fill out the Bill to option you get a chance to choose a different Ship to address. This is where you put the recipient’s name and address. You pay for it with a credit card and we do the rest!

Here’s why our customers love to give Honey Candles® beeswax candles as gifts:

“I received the Honey Candles, and am very much looking forward to sending them off in special Christmas gift packages for my friends and family! They smell delicious. You just can’t beat beeswax!” Megan in Nelson BC

“I have purchased these candles for years for myself and as the odd gift. As I prefer to give localish’, quality, consumable gifts, your candles certainly fit my criteria and will comprise the bulk of the gifts for friends and family.” Miep in Fort St. John, BC

“I love, love, love the candles your team puts out. Arrived very fast!” Kristina in Dewberry AB

Honey Candles® beeswax candles are made in Canada from pure Canadian beeswax. This will be one of the most natural, environmentally friendly gifts you can find for someone you care about. As Kristina tells you in her testimonial, we ship quickly. Come find out at our on-line store how easy it is to send them to a friend!

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