pure beeswax votive candles in spring colors, pink, purple, green next to a pair of pink beeswax candlestick laid on a white table

Beeswax Candles That Make You Think of Spring

beeswax candlesI was going through my photos this morning and came across this one. It is so simple and shows our beeswax votives in beautiful spring colors so perfectly – Pearl, Paris Pink, Spring Crocus, Mountain Jade and Violet.

Things you might like to know about votives:
  • Votives must be burned in a proper glass votive cup because they totally liquefy like a tealight
  • Votives burned properly give you the best value - they cost less to burn per hour than any of our other beeswax candles
  • Honey Candles has 100% pure beeswax votives in 13 colors including Natural
  • We color our votives with enviro-dyes
Intrigued? Check out our beeswax votives at our on-line store. They are made in Canada from 100% pure Canadian beeswax.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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