pure beeswax blue fluted sphere candle with Honey Candles logo attached

Beeswax Blue Fluted Sphere Candles are For Burning

In a recent blog I said, “Candles are for burning.” I would like to show you another clear example of that.

I have often wondered what potential customers think when they first see a Honey Candles® beeswax Fluted Sphere. It is round with sharp ribs running on the outside. Other than that it appears quite unremarkable. I have a photo of how a beeswax Blue Fluted Sphere appears on our website. It is pure beeswax for sure but can you really imagine what it might look like when it burns if you haven’t seen it for yourself? 

beeswax decorative candleNow here is a photo of that Fluted Sphere burning. They truly are amazing to experience. As the flame burns deeper into the sphere of beeswax, it melts leaving most of the ribs intact and the flame shows through. Always remember to dunk the wick of your Fluted Sphere to put it out. With proper maintenance of your Fluted Sphere explained here it will burn 15 - 17 hours.

Truly, don’t save that beautiful beeswax Fluted Sphere…it is to be experienced!

Published By Pat Cattermole

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