Beeswax Violet Fluted Sphere - What's been Missing?

Beeswax Violet Fluted Sphere - What's been Missing?

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Something has been missing for a while at Honey Candles. Including our Natural beeswax we have 13 stunning colors in our line. The ornamental ‘Fluted Sphere’ group expanded last year to contain every single color, except one. Did you notice? Someone in our staff did and Lorna always felt we had left out her favorite Easter color. So this year we have added the last color, deep rich Violet, just in time for spring and Easter. We have a photo of the Violet Fluted Sphere boldly placed front and center with all the other Fluted Spheres.

beeswax decorative candleThe Honey Candles® Fluted Spheres are one of our most popular Ornamentals. They really have to be seen burning to fully appreciate their beauty. Unlit, they look like an interesting ball of ribbed beeswax. Light them and let them burn and they become exquisite, a truly unique decorative candle. It is important to keep the wick trimmed to a ¼ inch. As the wax burns down the flame is then well controlled and it leaves the ribs intact and the light of the flame shines through.

For more tips on burning Fluted Spheres I would like to suggest this blog:

Enjoy your Honey Candles Violet Fluted Sphere this spring! It is made in Canada from pure Canadian beeswax and can be found on our on-line store right here.
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