Beeswax Tea Lights or Tealights?

Beeswax Tea Lights or Tealights?

I have seen both spellings – tealights and tea lights. Whichever spelling you prefer Honey Candles® beeswax Tealights are 100% pure natural beeswax. And we prefer to call them tealights.

This Christmas I hope you will enjoy our beeswax tealights throughout your home. Even though beeswax tends to be one of the pricier candle waxes it is natural, non-toxic and burns beautifully. Tealights tend to be one of the more affordable candles and are ideal if you have never burned beeswax candles before but would like to try them out. You will notice the beautiful amber glow first thing. Did you know that Honey Candles® beeswax provides light that is closest to natural sunlight?

You will also notice the warm scent of honey. This is because premium quality unscented beeswax always has a natural honey scent. It will make your home smell divine! Along with this clean natural scent you will notice that it is clean burning. As long as beeswax candles are trimmed properly they will never smoke or produce soot. In most cases tealights are self trimming and best burned in one lighting. Tealights are designed to fully liquefy. If you choose to extinguish the tealight it may not relight if less than half the wax is left. If the wax is below the halfway point even if it burns it likely will never get hot enough to burn the wax completely. 

Tealights are meant to be burned in the cups provided. You can put these cups in other tealight  holders but be aware if the tealight cups provided are surrounded snuggly by a thick holder the heat will be drawn away from the tealight and you may get an incomplete burn. You might like to put them in a roomy holder like this angel tealight holder.

We do provide a green alternative to always buying tealights in plastic or aluminum tealight cups. You can recycle these cups but you also buy refills and reuse them. It is less costly and definitely ‘greener’. Please find out more about this option.

We love the usual natural beeswax without any color.  However, especially for the holidays you might like to try our beautiful White beeswax. We make our White beeswax using a mechanical natural filtering process. We never bleach our beeswax to make it white. Some candle companies say beeswax must be bleached to be made white and I assure you this is not true. Besides White we also have a package of six holiday beeswax Tealights that are a mix of Forest Green, Burgundy and White. Or you can buy six packs of one of these colors. You can even buy singles of our holiday Red and White.

Give beeswax Honey Candles Tealights a try this holiday season. You will be impressed with how long a little beeswax tealight burns compared to paraffin or a pure soy candle. This is because beeswax is naturally long burning without any hardeners or additives. We hope that after trying this sweet smelling little candle you will want to be introduced to the whole Honey Candles® family. Handmade in Canada from Canadian beeswax. So is the packaging and the labels!

Have you already burned a Honey Candles® tealight?

Published By Pat Cattermole

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