Burning Beeswax Tealights Properly

Burning Beeswax Tealights Properly

We’ve said it many times before, burning a beeswax candle is more than just lighting it. There are a few considerations if you want your candle to burn completely and beautifully. We make a point of telling you about what we know about burning our candles because we want you to be happy with your beeswax candles.

beeswax tealightsWe recently did some test burning of tealights. This is a good time to try this because it is cold outside and that sometimes affects the temperature of different parts of a home. There are occasionally drafts in the windows and the surface temperature of metal furniture particularly is colder. We have believed for some time that the surface temperature on which we burn tealights affects how well and completely they burn. Here’s what we found. 

We lit four tealights at the same time. Two were in aluminum cups, two were plastic cups. One of each is on a beige arborite counter; the other two on a cold green metal file cabinet. 

The ones on the cold surface developed a ring of unmelted wax. ‎It also shows a difference between the clear cup and the aluminum cup on the arborite surface.  The second photo is what the four tealights looked like after burning another hour. You can see the ones on the cold surface went out leaving the unmelted wax on the rim. All you can do now is scoop out that leftover wax and burn it in your next tealight.

We feel that our theory has been confirmed, that the temperature of the surface that the tealight sits on does affect the way a tealight burns. Bring your tealights into the center of your room where it is warmer. Don’t put them on cold window sills or cold metal furniture.  Also know that a tealight will not recover to burn properly and completely if you have burned it until there is less than half the beeswax left. If the tealight cup is less than half full of wax when you relight it, the wax is not able to get hot enough to completely liquefy as it should. And the wax will not completely burn up.

We are constantly testing our beeswax candles and always share what we find out. Watch for future blogs with more tips to help you burn your beeswax candles. Honey Candles beeswax candles are made in Canada of pure Canadian beeswax. You can find beeswax Honey Candles® beeswax tealights at our on-line store 

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