Beeswax Tealight Candles - Things to Know

Beeswax Tealight Candles - Things to Know

beeswax tealights made in canadaThis is the third in a set of blogs that is a collection of links to articles to make it easier for you to find the information you need about our beeswax candles! Today’s blog is about our best-selling beeswax tealights. Honey Candles® beeswax Tealights are available in a clear plastic cup, an aluminum cup and a tealight refill to reuse your cups. Honey Candles has also spelled tealights as T-Lites so you might find that spelling out there in cyberspace as well. Honey Candles® Tealights are our most blogged about candles.

It’s pretty cool that we sell refills for our tealights and that became clear to me when I was visiting a store that sells both tealights in cups and our refills. As I was talking to the owner a customer came into the store, picked up a couple of tealights in clear plastic cups and a handful of refills and headed to the cashier. This customer gets it! He realizes that having refills is the real green way to go because he can reuse his tealight cups. To find out more about using refills for your tealights check out these blogs.

Using Honey Candles Tealight Refills to Save Money

How Honey Candles Beeswax Tealights might be Even Greener Than You Thought.

This article focuses on the care of beeswax tealights and the ideal environment in which to burn them:

Did You Make the Mistake of Trimming the Wick on your BeeswaxTealight?

For Valentine’s Day or the holidays we also have Special Occasion Beeswax Red & White Tealights!

For some holiday ideas for tealights we have the blog BeeswaxTea Lights or Tealights?

If you follow Pinterest we have a board all about beeswax tealights

You can’t go wrong burning beeswax tealights. They are easy to burn and will provide up to 5 hours of golden light depending on the environment that you burn them in. One of these blogs should answer any questions you might have about beeswax tealights.  

It's important to us that you have the information to burn our candles the best way! We want you to get the most out of your beeswax candles! Is having links to all this information in one blog helpful? Please let us know.

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