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Using Honey Candles® Tealight Refills to Save Money

beeswax tealights made in canadaHoney Candles® Tealights are definitely one of our best sellers. Our natural beeswax tealights are versatile and are available in clear cup(the most popular), in aluminum cup or no cup tealight refills. Because Honey Candles® Tealights are made of natural beeswax they burn clean and  ‘green’. To burn your tealights and get the most out of them don't relight them if you have burned more than half the wax.  You won't get a hot enough flame to burn all your wax and will have some left in the bottom which is always disappointing.

Check out these Honey Candles® tealights that I burned perfectly. No wax is left in the bottom. It is because I burned them completely and didn't put them out when the level of the wax was too low.  If you like burning your candles a short time you may wish to consider burning a candlestick instead.

I have several natural beeswax tealights in clear cups. Now I only buy beeswax tealights refills without cups. When my beeswax tealight burns to the bottom of the cup I pop out the metal tab before it is stuck on the bottom (the last bit of wax can act like glue). If you wait until the cup is cold it may be stuck on pretty good but be persistent. It will come out and it is worth your while. When you get that tab out you can reuse the cup.

Then I take a beeswax tealight refill without a cup (be sure to peel off the label on the bottom). You won't be happy with yourself if you forget to peel off the label. It will get in the way of trying to get the tab out next time. Once the label is off I drop it in the cup that I just finished burning the last beeswax tealight in. Now it is good to go. You are ready to burn it in the aluminum or plastic cup you have preferably on a fire resistant surface or inside another tealight holder.

If you do this you too will save money because the beeswax tealights refills cost less. It saves the environment too because you aren’t buying a cup each time for your beeswax tealight. I just have to mention here that I hope that you noticed the 'bloom' on my tealight. I buy my tealight refills by the case so I have them around for a while. Remember the 'bloom' is a sign that the beeswax is pure. If beeswax doesn't 'bloom' over time it isn't pure beeswax. I am a fan of 'bloom'.

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy beeswax Honey Candles and get just a little more out of them to save some money? We'd like to hear your burning tips.

I have a friend who claims that if he puts his beeswax in the freezer and starts burning it when it is cold it lasts longer. I haven't tried that yet. If you have I'd like your opinion on that.

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