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Did you Make the Mistake of Trimming the Wick on Your Beeswax Tealight?

I wrote about the the worst advice you might run into about beeswax candles a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve run into something I didn’t mention in that blog under the points about trimming the wicks on your beeswax candles. I discussed pillars and candlesticks but not tealights.

Beeswax Honey Candles® Tealights are designed to be almost maintenance free. The wicks on our tealights are the perfect size so that if you light them and just let the tealight burn the beeswax will fully liquefy.  If you let it burn until all the wax burns up and the tealight goes out there should just be a small ring of wax in the bottom of the cup. DO NOT TRIM THE WICK of a beeswax Honey Candles® Tealight. If you trim the wick it will be too short to create a hot enough flame to totally liquefy the beeswax. This may mean that the flame will burn a hole through the middle of the wax. When it reaches the bottom it will go out leaving lots of the wax left stuck to the side of the cup. The beeswax must be totally liquefied so that the liquid wax is drawn into the wick and is burned up. That brings me to the next point. The tealight must be burned for quite some time and why it’s best burned in one lighting. If you burn your tealight until there is less than half the beeswax and extinguish it, then re-light it, there may be a problem. There is likely not enough wax in the cup to get hot enough to liquefy and completely burn. You have a pretty good chance of being stuck with wax left in the cup when your tealight burns out.

PLEASE NOTE: If you burn tealights in a very cold room or on a cold surface you may also have difficulty getting all the wax to liquefy and may be left with a little bit of wax in the cup.

To summarize: It’s best to burn beeswax tealights by lighting them and burning them until the wax is gone. Please DO NOT TRIM THE WICK of your beeswax Honey Candles® Tealight. Some of the wicks on the competitions tealights may be thicker. This advice may not apply to tealights other than Honey Candles®.

Honey Candles® beeswax Tealights are made in Canada with 100% pure Canadian beeswax. I love burning our tealights because I find they are free of maintenance! What has your experience been?

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