Burning Your Beeswax Heritage Drip Pillars

Burning Your Beeswax Heritage Drip Pillars

beeswax drip pillarsThis last fall Honey Candles started making Heritage Drip Pillars in 3, 5 and 7 inch high pillars. These 3¼ inch wide pillars are a little different than anything we have made before, as each one is hand dripped and no two are exactly alike. 

As with each new candle we have done considerable test burning. We found that they can be left to burn with a mantle as long as they don’t flicker or smoke.  Be sure to keep the wick trimmed to a ¼ inch. But really, I think Heritage Drip pillars really love to be hugged. We have a photo with a Heritage Drip Pillar burning beautifully getting to the point where it should be hugged. There is getting to be a deep wall around the edge and this can be hugged in.

beeswax drip pillarsI asked one of Honey Candles owners Alecia, to demonstrate how she would hug her Heritage Drip Pillar. She gently and slowly folds the sides in. This ensures that the flame gets lots of oxygen so it doesn’t dance and smoke and it means the sides all eventually melt into the wax pool so most of the pillar is burned up by the time you get to the bottom. Remember that beeswax pillars must be burned for at least three hours to get a wide pool so that you don’t get a tunnel down the middle of your candle. If you have any wax leftover at the end of the candles life don’t throw it away. Carefully feed it in small bits into your next beeswax pillar. Make the pieces tiny as you don’t want the wax pool to get so high that it floods your wick and makes it not burn well enough – or even worse drown your wick and extinguish the flame. Then the wick will disappear under the pool. Not good.

Other instructions for burning Honey Candles® Heritage Drip Pillar is pretty much the same as all our other pillars. Instructions are slipped under each pillar label. If you don't have your instructions anymore you can check out this blog:

Enjoy your Honey Candles® Heritage Drip Pillar. It is 100% pure beeswax from Western Canada and hand made in the Honey Candles shop in Kaslo BC. We use the same wick as in our Classic Honey Candles® Pillars. You can be confident that you will be getting the same quality burn from your Heritage Drip Pillars as you have for years from our Classic Pillars.Have you tried the Heritage Drip yet? We’d love to hear what you think of the new look!
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