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Do Beeswax Candles Have a Shelf Life?

Made in Canada beeswax candlesI had a customer ask this very important question recently, “Do beeswax candles have a shelf life?”

My answer was no. As long as the wick is intact the beeswax candles should burn just fine, even after many, many years. Unlike soy wax or palm wax candles, beeswax candles DO NOT go rancid. Beeswax candles will ‘bloom’ over time which is an indication that they are pure beeswax – which we consider a good thing. Bloom is film-like and may even appear to ‘frost’ the beeswax candle. When you pull your candle out of its storage spot and it's bloomed you may decide you prefer a shinier appearance. All you need to do is polish it with a soft cloth. Many people appreciate the frosty bloomed look. If you are one of them then you don't need to do a thing. Just set your candle into the appropriate candle holder, trim if necessary and light. For more information about bloom on beeswax check out this article. If you are looking for instructions on proper candle care and information about wick trimming we have that too!

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