square and round beeswax pillar candles in holiday colors red and green

Holiday Beeswax Candles like You've Never Seen Before

beeswax candles made in canadaBeeswax candles are special for the holidays. Their flame is golden amber and the natural scent of fresh honey that they release into your home is otherworldly.  Hard to believe, as if that weren’t enough, but there is more that they can do to make your home the envy of every visitor this holiday season.

We make our beeswax pillars both square and round in the colors Natural (no color added), Pearl (not bleached), Burgundy and Forest Green. They are stunning holiday colors. If you love our beeswax pillars and know how to take care for them, we have the perfect holiday home display. Beeswax pillars must be burned at least three hours at a time and the wicks trimmed when necessary. With proper care your holiday pillars will last and last. To give you some idea, a five inch round pillar can last up to 65 hours and a 7 inch square will burn as long as 100 hours! For more on burn times for all beeswax Honey Candles click here.

beeswax candles christmasIf you have a mirror behind it or a window this display is perfect. Mix up square and round pillars. Take Forest Green square pillars and some round ones. The same with Burgundy and have different sizes, make some 5 inch pillars and some 7 inch or use risers. Place a narrow table in front of your mirror or window. The reflective surface is not necessary but it does add to the effect. Do not place the pillars too close together as they will be beeswax candles christmasproducing heat with that many lit at once. Leave several inches between each pillar.  Beeswax burns hot and you don’t want the wax to soften and cause a spillage.

I think you will agree with me when I say that it is likely that no one else will have a holiday candle display that will beat this one to look at. The sweet honey scent is divine and the natural amber light will create holiday ambience!

Wondering where you can get these beautiful beeswax pillars? Click here.

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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