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Honey Candles® Beeswax Taper Pairs - the Hot Sellers

beeswax tapersA couple weeks ago I put together a report from the last eight months to find out the best selling Honey Candles® beeswax colored pillars. It made me think that a blog about the best selling Taper Pairs would be helpful.  I got similar results as the 3 inch pillars with a few small differences.

It was no surprise to me that the Honey Candles® Natural Taper Pairs were the very hottest seller. Natural almost sold twice as many as the second place Pearl. Then the holiday colors, Red, Burgundy and Forest Green took third, fourth and fifth place in that order.Of the bright warmer weather colors the order went (from the best seller to last): Violet, Blue, Tangerine, Glacier Teal, Mountain Jade, Spring Crocus, Paris Pink and Dark Brown. With spring sales coming on this could change and look quite differently in the next couple months. Glacier Teal and Paris Pink are the newer colors and I’ve noticed it takes several years for people to discover something ‘new’. It’s hard for us who live with these candles every day to think of those colors as new because it feels like we have been making them for a very long time. But they only just appeared in the newest Honey Candles wholesale catalog for the store owners.

Are there any surprises for you here? Do you change the color of the candles you burn according to the season?

Regardless of the colors you choose there are things you need to know about burning beeswax candle sticks. Each Honey Candles Taper Pair comes with burning instructions under the label. You can find those same instructions at this link if you are burning our bulk candlesticks that do not come with instructions:

How to Burn Your Beeswax Candlestick

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