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Honey Candles Best Of 2012!

I often have retailers ask me, ``What are your best sellers?”

We did an item sales report for 2012 to answer that question. If you are a retailer that sells Honey Candles or are considering becoming one you may be interested in what we found.

It wasn’t a big surprise to me that the Honey Candles product that brought in the most revenue for us was one of our pillars. They are so very popular and I know that pillars are on almost every order that comes in from stores. I couldn’t have said for certain whether it would be Natural 3 inch Round or 5 inch Round without seeing that report. It was 3 inch Round Natural Pillars that fetched the most $ for Honey Candles Ltd in 2012 of all the beeswax candles we produce.  If they are making money for Honey Candles they are making money for our retailers. Read more about how best to burn your beeswax pillars.

We checked the beeswax Honey Candle that we sold the highest volume of. This wasn’t a surprise to me. Our beeswax Tealights in the Clear Cup fly off our shelves. They are great for someone who wants to try beeswax for the first time because it isn’t a big investment. Once you love our tealights we hope that you will try some of our other styles. Tealights will always be popular because they are convenient and so easy to burn. For burning tips and information about Honey Candles® beeswax Tealights read more.

We were also interested in the beeswax Honey Candles® that are growing faster in sales than they have in other years. Perhaps Super Storm Sandy on the East coast followed quickly by the largest earthquake in recent Canadian history on the West Coast alerted customers to the need for emergency candles. Yes, Honey Candles® Emergency Candle with the straps for holding tins or a small pot, able to heat water and food, and to provide heat and light really grew in sales. The Government of Canada also recommends an emergency candle in a tin be in every vehicle emergency kit. We expect continued sales growth for this item.

Our pure beeswax Honey Candles® Essentials scented with pure essential oils have increased in popularity ever since we introduced them a few years ago. The gold tins were followed by votives the following year. Both votives and tins are available in six scents, all with pure essential oils – no synthetic fragrance oils. Honey Candles® Essentials tin Evening Bloom is one of our candles that has really increased in popularity and sales this year.

The other item that has sky rocketed in sales since it was introduced last year is one of our Ornamentals, the Green Fluted Sphere. Perhaps it took customers that long to discover we had our beautiful Fluted Sphere in Green. Whatever the reason it is up there as one of the fastest growing beeswax candles at Honey Candles this last year.

So there you have it - our parade of the best and most popular Honey Candles in 2012. I hesitate to say that, because I think all our beeswax candles are winners.

Are there any surprises here for you? What beeswax Honey Candle do you think should have made this list and why?

Published By Pat Cattermole

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