showing all the colors that Honey Candles offers for the pure beeswax candles

Honey Candles Color Makeover

Why has Honey Candles® changed their colors?

We have always been proud of our deep rich colors.  Like natural beeswax our colors have richness and depth. We use minute amounts of enviro-dyes to get these rich colors. You have asked that we make our light colors brighter and more vibrant. It has taken research and much work but we are now capable of making all our colors livelier and more brilliant.  The new colors even use less enviro-dye. We also have a new Red for the holidays. We are sure you are going to like the cheerier 100% pure natural beeswax Honey Candles®.  Please see the color chart and choose your fresh Honey Candles® color. Please note since this chart was created Terra Cotta is now Tangerine and Sage is Sagebrush on our website and in our upcoming 2012 Honey Candles® catalog.

These color changes have allowed us to branch out our line. We now have new colors for Honey Candles® pure beeswax Birthday Candles and we can offer White and Red Tealights. Ask us about these when you place your next order.

Honey Candles White Beeswax

There is some concern that companies bleach beeswax to make their white candles. We want to assure you that Honey Candles® does not use a chemical process or bleach in any way to make beeswax white. There is also a rumour that white beeswax cannot be pure beeswax. This is not true. We know our white beeswax is 100% pure natural beeswax because we filter it ourselves. We make our own White beeswax and it is a totally non-toxic method. We are very proud to be in a position to offer these candles to you.

Remember Honey Candles® are Made in Canada and Made in British Columbia. Tell us what you think! Do you like the new look at Honey Candles®?

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