orange luminary carved into a perfect little pumpkin

Honey Candles Craft Night

Craft Night Pumpkin Luminaries

Surrounded by the beauty of beeswax and the sweet aroma of honey, our team works hard everyday to craft natural beeswax into Honey Candles. The shop is always bustling with busy-bees doing everything from pouring and dipping, to packing and shipping. Naturally, while working in an artistic environment where we are handcrafting beeswax into elegant candles, we are often inspired by ideas for custom creations!

To let the creative juices flow, several times a year the team gathers for an evening of crafting and team building. ‘Craft Night’ is a time when the Honey Candles team brings the candles of their dreams to life. There is no limit to the artistic creations they come up with, from customizing existing products to making entirely new creations. Through experimentation and some trial and error, every craft night yields a variety of entirely unique candles. Last month was no exception! Some of the highlights from our latest craft night include:

  • Rainbow votives created by lining molds with small pieces of colored wax and pouring Pearl wax into the mold
Craft Night Color Votives
  • An abstract pillar was made by using ice cubes in the mold to create dramatic holes in the beeswax candle
Craft Night Ice Pillar
  • Yule Trees were giving a winter-twist, by dripping Pearl wax on the green trees for a snowy masterpiece
Craft Night Snowy Yule Tree
In the spirit of Halloween, we also created orange luminaries, and carved them into perfect little pumpkins. Halloween Luminaries are perfect if you are looking to have your own craft night! Create your Natural Beeswax luminary by following the instructions in our Luminary Blog. Then simply heat a knife and carve your favorite pumpkin-look into your luminary for a perfect Halloween decoration.
Craft Night Pumpkin Luminaries
We always look forward to craft night, as an opportunity to try new things and create one of a kind beeswax candles. Try your hand at Luminary Pumpkins for your own Honey Candles Craft Night!
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