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How to Get Rid of 'Bloom' on Beeswax Candles

First you need to decide if you really want to get rid of the bloom on your beeswax candles. To help you with that decision you have to know what ‘bloom’ on beeswax candles is. I will explain it to you and then you can make the choice as to whether you really want to be free of it. Even if you have long been a user of beeswax candles you may not recognize 'bloom' on a colored beeswax candle. On a natural or pearl uncolored beeswax candle the bloom somewhat blends in. It does really show up on a colored beeswax candle and even seasoned beeswax users not used to colored beeswax have been fooled. They have thought something was wrong. They imagined that the bloom was a flaw or bruise in the wax.

Bloom only naturally appears on 100% pure beeswax candles. It is a whitish film that starts as a light coat and over time gets heavier and not always spread evenly. It sometimes takes on a crystal-like frosty appearance.  Beeswax candle devotees often love the bloom that forms on their beeswax candle. It assures them that their candles are pure beeswax and knowing that, the bloom becomes part of the mystique and beauty of beeswax.

However, if you prefer your beeswax polished and fresh looking then there a ways of removing the bloom.  You need the use of heat. The heat of your hand can warm up your beeswax candle enough to then take a soft cloth and polish off the bloom. Be sure the cloth is soft as you don’t want any rough edges marring or scrapping the beeswax. For candles like the ornamentals that have ridges and places hard to get at with a cloth, a hair dryer blown on to surface of the candle briefly will warm up the bloom enough to make it disappear.

Bloom will come back however. It may take a few days or a few weeks but it will be back. That is the nature of beeswax – it continues to bloom.

Now you can decide. Will you allow your beeswax candles to bloom away to flaunt their purity or will you polish them and make them look new and fresh? It is for you to determine.

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