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Key Benefits of Beeswax Candles and more!

beeswax taper candlesThere are many of you out there who just love candles. I meet you every day, most often on the phone asking about our beeswax candles. Usually the reason candle lovers are calling me is because they either are already beeswax candle devotees or someone told them the paraffin candles they are burning are toxic.

The beeswax candle devotee is already sold on what we have to offer – they just want to find out if we have something new, maybe different or they may be looking for an old standby. Beeswax candle connoisseurs know:

  • Beeswax candles create ambiance
  • The light from beeswax candles is special, some say close to the natural light spectrum of sunlight
  • That burning beeswax candles do not release toxins into the air
  • Burning beeswax candles are naturally scented with the warm, sweet, fragrance of honey
  • Beeswax candles are naturally long burning without toxic additives
  • When properly maintained beeswax candles will not smoke or create soot

They may even have heard that burning beeswax candles cleans and purifies the air. Indeed beeswax candles seem a gift from nature.

Then there are the candle lovers that have been burning paraffin and someone gave them the bad news about how toxic they are. They may have questions about why they should switch. All the above reasons are enough for me but there are a few things that may be harder to convince them of to make them throw out the paraffin and move in the beeswax.

The price is probably the big one. Beeswax costs so much more than paraffin. But wait, maybe not. In the list of benefits we see that beeswax candles are naturally long burning without additives. So if beeswax candles actually burn longer you get more burn time from each candle and they don't cost as much per hour to burn as you think. Find out more about that.

After price I can’t think of too many other reasons for doubt. Maybe you are used to having all kinds of bright colors and shapes. Beeswax does not have to be only the usual natural gold colored wax. Honey Candles has types and shapes of beeswax candles in many beautiful colors. All colored with an enviro-dye. You can see colored beeswax candles at our on-line store and if you are curious about enviro-dye click here.

If you enjoy a little scent from your candles you are in luck! We even have some beeswax candles scented, but with natural pure essential oils. So they are not toxic and contain no phthalates!

The way I see it, you can burn beautiful beeswax candles, have color or a delicate scent if you want it, have a variety of choice and have all the wonderful benefits of beeswax.  What are you waiting for? Are you missing out? The Honey Candles on-line store is here.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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