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What is the Most Common Misconception about Beeswax Candles?

beeswax candlesI believe the most common misconception about natural beeswax candles is that they are very expensive to burn.  Initially beeswax candles are going to cost you more than paraffin candles. It’s a difficult comparison. On one hand you have a toxin-producing paraffin candle, then put that next to a clean natural beeswax candle. That’s pretty hard to compare, but let’s try. Although paraffin candles are cheap they don’t burn as long, unless they are pumped full of more toxins that harden the paraffin wax to make it burn longer. Beeswax candles are naturally long burning without any additives. Because of this they aren’t as expensive to burn as you might think.

We have approximate burn times of each of our basic candles in a chart. Our shorter burn times are based on burning the candle from start to finish which most of you won’t do. Most of us burn our candles intermittently so the longer burn time is likely closer to what your beeswax candle will achieve. As you go through the chart note the cost of burning our beeswax Votives – they are definitely the best deal!  Here are the calculated costs per hour to burn our beeswax candles. 


We have also observed that not all beeswax candles are created equally so you may see a difference in the quality of beeswax candles made by companies other than Honey Candles®. That may result in a difference in the burn times. Longer burning - better quality you think right? Maybe, but there’s more to quality than how long a candle burns, you also want a ‘quality’ burn. We choose cotton wicks for our candles that are without lead or zinc. We also test and retest our candles to make sure the wick we are using is the right size for the candle and that it gives you a lovely golden flame. If candles have small wicks they will burn a very long time but with a pathetically small flame. Soy wax candles especially are notorious for this.

Slavka from Etobicoke ON said this about her beeswax Honey Candles® when they arrived, “I love them, I have to tell you that I have tried beeswax candles from different companies after my first order but, even though your candles are more expensive, they ended up being my favorite and I had to reorder!”  We hope that you agree with Slavka!

Honey Candles® are natural candles that are made of beeswax and made in Canada! Honey Candles® has an on-line store!

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Published By Pat Cattermole

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