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Made in Canada Gifts - Pearl Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles whiteWe are always looking for unique and special gifts this time of the year. More and more we are hearing that people want handmade gifts and most importantly they want them made close to home. If you are looking for a special gift we may have a great idea for you.

All our 100% pure beeswax candles are made in our shop located just outside Kaslo BC Canada. We only use beeswax sourced from apiaries in Western Canada. Our candles are either hand poured or hand dipped by our conscientious and skilled candle makers. 

We think our Pearl beeswax candles are a little special. White is a classic pure color for Christmas.

Contrary to what you may have heard white beeswax does not have to be bleached. Beeswax actually starts out white and becomes golden as the bees work it and mix propolis in. Our Pearl beeswax is not bleached but is attained by filtering the wax using a natural process. It is not always a consistent color. Some Pearl will be whiter than others depending on how dark the beeswax started out. Our Pearl beeswax usually still attains a pearly glow. That is why we call it Pearl. It is important to remember beeswax is a natural product and colors in nature vary depending on where the raw materials were produced and even the time of year. 

Made in Canada gifts beeswax candlesHere are some items made with Pearl beeswax that we think you would be proud to give as a gift to the right person. If they know beeswax they will be delighted.  Aren’t the Fluted Sphere and the Yule Tree the perfect stocking stuffers? You can find all these Honey Candles® Pearl beeswax candles at our on-line store. There is so much more to see there including Pearl beeswax 1# blocks if you need it for your craft projects.

If you have more questions about our Pearl beeswax you might like to read this:

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