Make Sure Your Valentine's Day Gift Gets Noticed

Make Sure Your Valentine's Day Gift Gets Noticed

Jan 19, 2017 By Pat Cattermole
beeswax votivesIt is always frustrating when you spend the time to buy what you believe is a nice gift for someone. Then it gets put in a drawer or on a shelf and well…forgotten.

Here is an idea for a Valentine’s Day gift that we hope means it won’t end up put away and unloved. Beautiful, naturally honey scented beeswax candles. Honey Candles® beeswax candles come in all the traditional Valentine’s colors including Red, Burgundy and Pearl (white).  If you give a beeswax candle, to encourage your Honey to light it right away – add an attractive candle holder suited for that particular candle, (our suggestions for each type of candle are right here). By making the holder part of the gift it means it is more likely to be tried right away and once it’s lit it won’t be tucked away in a corner.

beeswax valentine pillar candleYou might like to add a few chocolates, some cinnamon hearts, maybe some wine, regardless we think this is one Valentine’s gift that won’t be ignored.

Beeswax candles have the added feature of being the most natural candle available. The only processing involved is filtering. No additives are needed to make it burn longer or make the wax harder. Beeswax is naturally long burning and a solid hard wax. It’s not greasy or hydrogenated like soy wax.

To read more about the benefits of beeswax you might like to read this article. Did you know burning beeswax candle has its health benefits too?

Honey Candles® beeswax candles are made in Canada from 100% pure Canadian beeswax. We have an on-line store.

Photos by Marlie Marchewka
Published By Pat Cattermole
I had the good fortune to be hired at Honey Candles in the fall of 2004. Experience managing a small rural printing business and 15 years as an elected public school trustee has been a benefit as Honey Candles moves through the need for flexibility and the demands of rapidly changing natural products marketing. I am the Sales Manager and most likely to be the one answering the phone when you call. Social Media and blogging for Honey Candles has been a recent addition to my list of skills.

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