New Eco-Friendly Birthday and Gala Candles Packaging

New Eco-Friendly Birthday and Gala Candles Packaging

beeswax birthday candlesHoney Candles® is excited to announce changes to the packaging of our Birthday and Gala beeswax candles. The new packaging is composed of kraft cardboard made in Canada. The boxes feature an opening that gives a beautiful view of the natural and colored pure beeswax candles. It also releases the sweet honey aroma we have all come to love in Honey Candles.
The new packaging is a part of Honey Candles continued effort to produce sustainable and eco-friendly products. The fresh look is completely plastic free and recyclable. Honey Candles® Birthday and Gala Candles are all natural and now they have the packaging to match!
Look for the new packaging at your favorite Honey Candles seller. We hope you like the new look!
Photo by Nicola Hum
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