triangle gift pack of pure beeswax tealight candles

Pure Beeswax Honey Candles® Packaged to be that special Gift

Sometimes you are just looking for a small gift, something a little special, not too expensive but a little out of the ordinary.  There is nothing ordinary about pure natural beeswax Honey Candles®. You might not want to give a friend a handful of Honey Candles®natural beeswax Tealights but when they come in a little wrapped box made of recycled paper and our attractive label they become a little ‘special’.  We are proud to say that none of our packaging, our catalogs, our shelf talkers or our labels are printed or produced offshore. All the work, from the design to the printing and production is done in Canada.

beeswax tealight candlesMany of our Honey Candles® natural beeswax candles come dressed up ready to be presented as a stocking stuffer or as a small thank you gift. We have natural beeswax Tapers, beeswax Votives, beeswax Hex Votives, beeswax 6 inch Columns, beeswax 6 inch Tubes, 9 inch Bases and beeswax 3 inch Pillars all in a packaging made of recycled material. Even the label is made of recycled paper. Our beeswax Tealights come in several packages but very special to me is the natural triangle tealight pack that contains one glass Tealight holder and six natural beeswax Tealights without any cups. As you burn up your beeswax Tealights you pop out the little tab on the bottom of the glass holder when it is empty. Just place another beeswax Tealight in your holder and you are ready for your next burn. So very green!

Honey Candles® has a complete line of packaged product.  For the holidays we have assorted colored beeswax Tealights in a triangle shaped pack.  We even have our popular Honey Candles® Essentials Votives scented with pure essential oils in three packs in Mulled Spice and Kootenay Forest for the holidays. Check out our ‘not so ordinary’ beeswax candle gift packs. There is one for every special occasion.

Published By Pat Cattermole

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