Real Beeswax Candles and blocks of wax in natural and pearl white color on a burgundy cloth

Real Beeswax Candles

beeswax candlesAs a blogger I pay attention to what phrases people are using to find us. The one I noticed this week I find interesting was ‘real beeswax’. So when you looking for real beeswax what are you looking for? Is it beeswax as opposed to candle wax that just looks like beeswax? That is out there. Paraffin made to look like beeswax. I have even heard of paraffin candles that look like beeswax that have been dusted with phony ‘bloom’ too. So if you want to know what real 100% pure beeswax looks like as compared to a ‘pretender’ this blog should help you:

Consumers Beware - Beeswax Candle Knock-offs

At the same time someone was searching ‘real beeswax’ I got an e-mail asking if our beeswax candles were 55% beeswax or 100% pure beeswax. I wonder if it was the same individual e-mailing about the purity of our beeswax as was looking for ‘real’ beeswax?  I assured him our wax is 100% pure beeswax

There are benefits to burning beeswax so I understand checking to make sure it is real beeswax and that it is pure.  One of the major benefits to burning beeswax is supporting beekeepers. Because the honeybee population is still declining we want as many beekeepers as possible to keep and nurture honeybees. Otherwise we will lose one of the most important plant pollinators we have. And we all like the fruits and vegetables that are the result of that pollination.

Other benefits of burning beeswax candles are in this article:

Why Burn Beeswax Candles?

Is there something I am missing? If there another reason that someone would be looking for real beeswax that I haven’t thought of?

Real beeswax candles, made in Canada, can be found here.

Photo by Marlie Marchewka

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