red pure beeswax pillar candle and votive candles in a holiday setting including pine cone

Where to Find Red Beeswax Christmas Candles

red beeswax candlesColor trends come and go. For Christmas and the holidays we frequently see gold or silver. We often see different shades of green and sometimes deep blue or violet. The one color that is an enduring holiday Christmas color is red.

A few years ago Honey Candles only offered a deep Burgundy as a red holiday color. We still have Burgundy if you love deep rich colors. It is available in the usual colored beeswax Honey Candles – pillars, votives, taper pairs and tealight 6-packs. It even comes in a square pillar. In 2012 we introduced true Red. It has taken off as more people have become aware that it is a color choice now at Honey Candles. We have it available in three sizes of round pillars, in votives, taper pairs, and single tealights.

Dress your home up for the holidays in traditional red.  Burning beeswax candles from Honey Candles will create ambiance and fill the air with the sweet natural scent of honey.  Add some Christmas carols, some spicy holiday cookies and hot drinks and you have everything set for a welcoming, warm, festive evening!

Beeswax Honey Candles are 100% pure beeswax and made in Canada. We use non-toxic enviro-dyes to color our beeswax. Find out more about enviro-dyes.

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