a glowing red pure beeswax fluted sphere candle

The Magic of Christmas Comes Alive With Beeswax Candles

beeswax christmas candlesWe tell you in our blogs all year round about all the reasons it is best to burn beeswax candles. We know there are so many good things about it. There are health benefits:

  • They burn cleaner than others with no sticky, black petroleum based soot
  • They produce a natural clean scent that freshens the air
  • They help you to relax and unwind

Why burn beeswax candles? Well, on top of all that we know they are naturally long burning. The welcoming glow of a beeswax candle is so warm and inviting. We want you to be prepared to be awed. It is the holidays now and we know the magic of Christmas comes alive when you make a display of our burning beeswax candles to warm your home. Honey Candles has all the holiday colors including Red, Burgundy, Forest Green, Natural and Pearl. Mix different types of beeswax candles, perhaps include some candlesticks. Use some of our ornamental candles, we have several in different colors. See our Fluted Spheres and Yule Trees as well as natural Pine Cones. Vary the display with both some square and round pillars. Use your imagination! Create your own version of holiday magic. Feeling inspired? Here is the fastest way to the on-line store!

Photo by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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