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The Perfect Beeswax Gift For Each Friend

There is a shift in the air on November 1st! It’s still fall for several weeks, and we aren’t ready to give up our pumpkin spice, but the holiday shopping fairy starts whispering in our ear. We can’t help but start to dream of the perfect, thoughtful gift to show those close to us, just how much we care about them. 

For many of us, we are also trying to find a gift that will be used and not be a dust collector or fall victim to a garage sale. Consumable gifts can be the perfect answer. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, homemade baking, or a beeswax candle, it feels great to give a gift knowing that is can be used and enjoyed by the recipient. To help you give the perfect gift, here’s some suggestions for which candles are right for the people on your list.

  1. The Relaxer - For the friend that enjoys quiet nights at home with a good book and tea

    If you have a friend that loves nothing more than to spend a chilly evening with the warmth of a blanket and a cup of tea, the perfect beeswax candles for them are Honey Candles tealights. The soft light is gentle on the eyes and the 4-5 hour burn time ensures they will have light all night!

  2. The Entertainer For the friend that is always the host

    If you have a friend that is always hosting dinner parties, look no further than natural taper candles for the perfect dinner candle. If they tend to be more of a packed house party type pillars are perfect for them. Pillars are more tolerant of air movement and burn best when they are in the middle of a warm room.

  3. The Adventurer For the friend who can always be found scaling a mountain or paddling a lake

    We all know that one friend whose weekends are filled with hiking and biking! No matter their chosen recreation, the perfect gift for the Adventurer is an Emergency Candle for their survival kit. Beeswax emergency candles burn hotter and longer than other waxes, making them the perfect gift for your outdoor pal.

  4. The Humanitarian For the friend who is always mindful of the betterment of the world

    Every purchase of a beeswax candle supports beekeepers and bees, but the Peek-a-Bee pillar packs twice the punch. For every Peek-a-Bee pillar purchased, $2 is donated to support bee research. It’s the perfect gift for the friend who loves an opportunity to support an important cause.

  5. The Yogi - For the friend who finds balance in yoga and meditation

    If your friend is a yoga guru, who loves to roll out the mat and exercise their mind and body, Chakra candles are the perfect gift for them. You can choose from Chakra tealights or candlesticks which with a 60-70 minute burn time can also serve as a perfect natural timer.

  6. The Do-it-Yourselfer - For the friend who actually tries the things on Pinterest… successfully even!
    They may be rare, but occasionally you find a friend who manages to perfectly execute crafts and recipes that they find on Pinterest! For a DIY master, the perfect consumable gift is a beeswax block. From cosmetics to luminaries, a block of beeswax offers endless possibilities to the do it yourselfer! For an added thoughtful touch, search Pinterest for a beeswax cosmetics recipe or craft to attach to that you know your friend will love! 
No matter who you are gift shopping for this holiday season, consumable beeswax gifts are sure to be a hit!
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