pure beeswax double dipped heritage candle and emergency tin candle on large boulders

The Reasons Dad Will Think Beeswax Candles are Cool!

beeswax drip pillarsBeeswax candles are sometimes seen as a luxury. We like to think of them as an ‘affordable’ luxury. What you may not know is that they burn way longer than any other candle and they do it without any toxic additives. Cool right?  

Your Dad will really think it is cool is when he sees that long burning power perform as an emergency candle. If a beeswax emergency candle burns longer than a paraffin candle that means Honey Candles® beeswax Emergency Candle will produce light and heat longer than the same sized paraffin candle.  

Dad will also think a beeswax emergency candle is cool because it burns 3 to 4 times hotter than paraffin. When he has the need of a reliable emergency candle, Honey Candles® beeswax Emergency Candle will keep him warmer than if he had a similarly sized paraffin one. Honey Candles® beeswax Emergency Candle fits the suggestions made by the Government of Canada for a vehicle emergency kit. It is in a tin and includes matches. It even has metal straps to support a small pot to heat water or food. On the advice of a member of Search and Rescue we designed it to burn 24 hours. 

Does Dad already have a beeswax emergency candle? Our sales numbers show that Honey Candles Heritage Drip Pillars are bought by men as least as often by women. They really like the rugged almost primitive look of our hand dripped pillars. We have four sizes now including 3, 5 and 7 inches high (each of which is 3¼ inches in diameter) and a big 3 Wick that is 6 inches high and 6¼ inches in diameter! 

If you love browsing, check out our on-line store. We are sure you will find something for dad for Father’s Day. And a warning - you may just end up treating yourself to a little ‘affordable’ luxury.
Published By Pat Cattermole

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