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The Versatility of Beeswax Tapers

beeswax decorative candle taperMost of us will agree, when we think beeswax taper candles we think of dinner candles. Honey Candles® beeswax Taper Pairs come in 13 colors including Natural and Pearl. They are the nicest way to put your dinner guests in the best light! However, beeswax tapers are very versatile and can be used in other ways. 

They make great decorative beeswax candles inserted into special candle holders and placed on a mantle, table or sideboard. They are certainly elegant and will add charm to almost any room.

Because they are candlesticks, tapers can also be considered as a good source of light when you have a power outage. You can burn them for a short 5-minute power outage or 6 or 7 hours if you need to. Candlesticks are always a good choice for a power outage for this reason.

Don’t banish your tapers to the back of the drawer to be brought out only for holiday dinner parties. The perfect way to burn the leftovers from the last dinner party is to enjoy them when you chose to wind down. Beeswax tapers can be burned as you read your latest novel in the living room or with a cup of tea in the evening. Beeswax tapers always emit a lovely warm honey scent. They create relaxing ambiance and a lovely warm golden light – a nice gift to yourself. 

Peggy from Montreal ordered a case of beeswax tapers from Honey Candles recently. We would like all our customers to have the same feelings she does about her candles. She told us, “I love these rich natural golden candles. They add a touch of elegance to my home and burn beautifully.” 

Thanks for letting us know Peggy! We are so happy you love your candles! 

Important quick burning tips specifically for beeswax tapers:
  • Do not leave burning candles unattended.
  • Do not trim your taper wicks to less than a ½ inch, no matter what any other candle sites may tell you. If you trim them to less than a ½ inch they are prone to dripping.
  • Keep them out of drafts, this means all fans including furnace fans. Open windows and doors can be a problem.
  • Always trim a ‘mushrooming cap’ on your wick. Extinguish the flame, trim it off and re-light.
For more beeswax taper burning advice read How to Burn Your Beeswax Candlestick

Photo by Jill Anderson
Published By Pat Cattermole

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