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What do Beeswax Votives & Tealights Have in Common?

beeswax votives tealightsMost beeswax candle burners know that beeswax tealights should be burned in cups. Maybe this is because they are usually sold in cups. I’ve known people who have bought tealight refills thinking they could burn them without a cup. It did not go well - ever. They were left bewildered with a puddle of wax with a wick floating in it. A tealight refill is exactly what the name suggests - a refill for a tealight cup.

Fewer candle burners know that whether beeswax votives are hexagonal or round, they always need to be burned in a snug fitting glass votive cup. They are NOT mini-pillars. Both beeswax votives and tealights are designed to totally liquefy inside a cup. It is important that the tealights and votives are burned long enough to liquefy to make a wax pool across the entire top of the candle. If they don’t make a complete pool they won’t burn evenly and in the case of the tealight you may be left with wax in the cup. I like to burn my tealights from start to finish if possible, to get the best results. If you extinguish the tealight when there is less than half the wax left it will never burn hot enough to burn up all the wax. This is a common mistake made by inexperienced candle burners.

In summary, what tealights and votives have in common is they both need to be burned in a snug fitting appropriately sized cup. Since tealights are commonly sold in cups that is less of an issue with them. Even if you burn them in the cup they were in when you bought them we recommend you burn them on a flame proof surface. If you like beeswax votives but don’t have a votive cup, check out our simple clear glass cups at our on-line store.

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