a darkened photo showing just the flame of a pure beeswax candle

What is a Candle to You?

The definition of a candle in my old Webster’s dictionary is:  1) A cylindrical body of wax or tallow formed around a wick and burned to furnish light  2) A unit of light intensity

A candle is much more than that to me and I suspect it is more to you.

We have just come through one of the biggest candle burning times of the year - the holidays! During celebrations we want to share our beautiful candles with our friends and family. The glow of beeswax candles creates ambiance and a festive touch.  It is the perfect gift. So candles can mean celebrations, sharing and creating memories of happy times. And almost everyone has candles for weddings.

Candles are perfect for quiet winter evenings. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or someone else sits silently by. If you both agree to partake in quiet activities you can curl up quietly and read a book. There is nothing quite like being immersed in a story as it unravels as you move through a good book. If you burn beeswax the sweet, natural honey scent is pleasing and soothing. So candles can mean quiet, peace and solitude.

When a storm hits your home and is particularly ferocious the result is often a power outage. If you have beeswax candles the darkness is chased away and confidence and trust will more likely prevail in your heart and mind in spite of the storm because they provide warming light. So candles can mean security in an emergency.

Candles always mean light and have often been used as a symbol of guidance and hope. Edith Wharton was a Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist that passed on in 1937. She is well known for her quotes. I found a quote attributed to her recently that I have featured in my photograph.  I have read several different interpretations of her quote but I am curious what it means to you.

Are you the candle that spreads the light or are you the mirror that reflects it?

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