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Which Beeswax Colored 3 inch Pillar is Our Best Seller?

Store owners often ask about our best selling beeswax candles. I don’t intend to go into all our candles in this blog, however, since our beeswax 3 inch pillars are very popular I have chosen to talk about our 3 inch colored pillars.

The best selling colored beeswax pillar all year round is Pearl. It makes sense doesn’t it?  Pearl white is a traditional neutral color. Although we call our Pearl a colored candle it really isn’t. We achieve ‘Pearl’ by the filtering process. No toxic chemicals, no bleaching, just a special filtering process. Pearl didn’t used to be so popular because people associated the white color with paraffin. But if you look at it closely it isn’t like bleached paraffin at all, it has a pearly glow prompting us to call our white ‘Pearl’. If you are interested in learning more about Honey Candles® Pearl beeswax candles you can find that info at this link:

Honey Candles - Going From White to Pearl

Since so many people love to burn pillars during the holiday season it shouldn’t surprise you the next best sellers are (in order second to fourth): Red, Forest Green and then Burgundy 3 inch pillars. People love to give our 3 inch beeswax Pillars as gifts and then burn one or two themselves throughout the holidays.

The rest come under our summer and fall colors. They are popular but we mostly sell these colors through the spring, summer and fall. The best sunny day sellers are Violet, Glacier Teal, Paris Pink and Blue, followed closely by Mountain Jade, Spring Crocus and then Tangerine and Dark Brown.

These top sellers vary a little from year to year, sometimes being affected by what a major store prefers to offer their customers, particularly if they are larger stores. These best sellers are based on the last eight months. It does give you a little glimpse into what your customers might like. 

The best selling 3 inch beeswax Honey Candles pillar I haven’t mentioned yet because it isn’t colored. We sell 8 to 10 times as many Natural 3 inch Honey Candles® Pillars as any colored 3 inch pillar. Why you might ask? I can only give an opinion, but I think it’s because it is so classic. Natural beeswax has a special look and it is what people are familiar with. It has a 'warm' appearance and the scent evokes memories and feelings of nostalgia often of our childhood. So if you are just starting out with beeswax candles as a retail store and only want to bring in a few beeswax candles to see how your customers take to them, I always suggest you try Natural beeswax candles. People will know they are beeswax just by looking at them. If they look closer and smell them they will love that they are naturally honey scented and appreciate the candles are made in Canada.

I haven’t asked you yet. Which colored beeswax 3 inch Honey Candles® Pillar is your favorite?

Photos by Marlie Marchewka

Published By Pat Cattermole

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