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Are You Looking for an Unusual Father's Day Gift?

When I first came to Honey Candles and found out about the beeswax Emergency Candle in a tin I could see the importance of this candle right away. How amazing - a candle that could burn 24 hours and not emit any toxic fumes!  

I think the Honey Candles® Emergency Candle is the ideal Father’s Day gift. Every dad should have one in the glove box of his car. The Canadian government agrees. Their emergency website recommends that every vehicle emergency kit have an emergency candle in a tin along with some matches. Makes sense doesn't it? Matches come as part of our emergency candle tin package.

A Honey Candles® Emergency Candle packs easily in a boat, kayak, back pack, ATV or snowmobile. This little candle will help keep you warm and provide light and a sense of security in an emergency situation. It even comes with metal straps to hold a tin so that you can heat up soup or water. Since a beeswax candle burns 3 to 4 times hotter than paraffin it produces that much more heat than a 24 hour paraffin candle.  I use it to heat our camper on cold or rainy evenings on camping trips.

The most important role of this non-toxic beeswax emergency candle is becoming more apparent. Climate change is here – NOW. The weather is more severe and we have to be prepared for emergencies. Power outages are becoming more commonplace and lasting longer because of the ferocity of snowstorms, hurricanes and tornados. Every home emergency kit should have a beeswax emergency candle.

This is the ideal emergency candle for everyone for so many reasons. You can order on-line now for Father’s Day!

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